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Is it possible to get tweet engagement and impression metrics from the Premium API?

I thought it would be, because it is possible with the Enterprise API (as I understand it), and I thought the Premium API was much the same as Enterprise, with the restriction of the 30-day limit to historical data. However, I have queried the 30-day and fullarchive endpoints only to find that their response data is identical to one another and neither contains any engagement or impression metrics.

It seems engagement data was available in the v1 Ads API, but was removed in v2, and is still absent from v3. Confusingly, the name-value pairs are still returned in the v2 and v3 Ads API responses, but they are always null.

Thanks in advance for any help. I’ve spent time trying to get engagement and impression data for organic tweets, from a few Twitter APIs, to no avail. I’m hoping for some good news.


At the present time we have two premium API products - 30-day search and full-archive search. These broadly correspond to the equivalently-named enterprise API products, that are available on an annual subscription.

The Engagement API is currently only available as an enterprise product, and this data is separate from the search APIs (it applies to Tweets from the authorized user).

All I can recommend at the moment is to watch the roadmap and see what may emerge as we move forward with the premium platform.


Thanks for the prompt reply, @andypiper, though it is bad news for me.

I’ve seen similar questions, but they are likely outdated at this point, asking how to get the Impressions, Engagements, and Engagement rate data shown in the Analytics dashboard (Web UI) for an account.

Sample dashboard URL:

Is it possible to get those three metrics from any Twitter API other than the Enterprise Engagement API (


The enterprise Engagement API is currently the only way to get this data programmatically for organic Tweets. The Ads API is the option to get this data programmatically for promoted tweets.

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