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I am working a web application, where is possible to log-in through twitter. As a communication channel between a user and me I use an email address. When a user fill out usual registration form, so everything is ok, he fill out email address. But when he is log-in through Twitter, I haven’t his email address.
So I would like to ask you, what are the conditionals for getting the email address of of users, who logged-in through Twitter.

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The conditionals are that you’ll need to ask for an email address within your own application and record it yourself. You’ll also need a privacy policy to go along with collecting this kind of personal data from your users. Twitter doesn’t provide a means for you to obtain the user’s email address via the API.


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Hey off the subject is there a way to tweet in your tweets via e-mail?


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with out recording we cant get that user email address using twitter oAuth…??


hahahaha… This is little funny… Then why should we use twiiter login? Just to get the name??? those things also we can ask the user… :P… The whole point of giving a login is, that the user need not go to his email and verify his email id. This is because he already verifired his email for twitter. If twitter s not providing the email, then… Looks lil funny though…


Why people are interesting to get email address if they login through twitter? As email id is already verified for twitter.
And if you want to send emails then you can send same messages through twitter perhaps.


Totally agree, this is so stupid.


very agreed, it’s really funny


Facebook and Google provide all info to properly register a user. With twitter, we need to add an additional layer to request user’s email, with validation and such.
what lame programing…


No wonder twitter login is not as popular as facebook, if email addresses are not provided, what is the point? how does my application contact the user or send notifications???

What a disappointment, after spending so much time trying to implement a registration/login via twitter??? :frowning:

very bad!!!


I see by the timestamps on each of the comments that I’m coming to this thread a little late. I’ve just finished implementing authentication for both Google+ and Facebook, and yes, just like the comments mention, both of those platforms provide email if you ask for permission for the email via scopes. This is why I’m a little surprised that you can’t collect it via the Twitter API. So given the fact this is what I have to work with (and yes, I know it sucks), this is how I’m going to address this…

When the user logs in to Twitter through my app for the very first time, I’m going to collect their email address via a form (yes, ideally we would never have to do this, and yes, this is different than the other platforms I’ve already implemented) and then store it in a database with their Twitter User ID. When they authenticate correctly moving forward, I will check my database to see if I already have the associated Twitter User ID. If I have the associated Twitter User ID, then I will also have their email (by design). And in the future, I can communicate to them as necessary via email.

I figure the above implementation I’m performing is similar to how most will overcome this issue, but it seemed with this topic and other related topics that I couldn’t find anyone mentioning their workaround.


this be poor design on api devs in my opinion. I understand their reasoning but strongly disagree. I use google and facebook to allow users to not only login to my website but to register an account automatically if one doesn’t exist. from there they can optionally link there accounts together if they are using different emails with facebook and google respectively. not being able to retrieve the email forces me to either provide a separate form to manually create a twitter login for my site for them or to bypass it all together and only allow users to login with twitter once they have already created an acct and then links the account with another. which means they most likely have already logged in with either facebook or google which means that the likely-hood of them ever logging in with twitter is nil. same behavior from both instagram and linkedin. I wish the devs would reconsider this behavior. As it is not hard to implement what I speak of doing to work around this issue, it is the extra layer that the user has to step through that is the issue. this extra step for them means they will most likely not do it. meaning there is no point in having my connect with twitter option except for gathering more data about a user. which in my opinion gathering more data is not what the login feature should be for. it should be used for ease of login not so sites can gather and link more data about users. sillyness if you ask me.