Getting Email address from user while login



I mailed to with my app Consumer Key and Privacy policy. Then they replied with asking

  • your org name and app bundle identifier or package name.
  • the kits you’re using for your Fabric account.

I sent those as well.

Then I got this reply,
Due to Google’s acquisition of Fabric from Twitter, Twitter decided to no longer offer the Twitter SDK via Fabric. For requesting permission for the email address, please request it via:

You can find more information on how to migrate from Twitter in Fabric to Twitter:

So what to do now? Please suggest a solution. How do I get user email address while login?


We announced Twitter Kit 3 a few weeks ago, and there’s full detail on how to upgrade from Fabric here. You’ll need to connect your API keys to a Twitter account.

Depending on which platform you are using, there are details on how to request a user’s email address in the iOS and Android sections of the Twitter Kit documentation.

You no longer need to use the form that the Fabric team referenced in order to have your app whitelisted for email access, that information is outdated.