Getting e-mail with abraham/twitteroauth



Using abraham/twitteroauth can`t get user e-mail with “account/verify_credentials”.
My app have updated access level and “Can request a user’s email address”. After that Consumer Key and Secret regenerated by me.

$connection = new TwitterOAuth($consumer_key, $consumer_secret,$access_token['oauth_token'],$access_token['oauth_token_secret']);
$content = $connection->get("account/verify_credentials",['skip_status'=>true,'include_email'=>true]);
$ansver = json_decode($content,true);

Array $ansver doesn’t have email field. It was suspected that the settings (2nd param) do not work, but “‘skip_status’=>true” has shown that everything is fine.


Are you sure that the account you are attempting to retrieve email for, does have a verified email address associated with it?


Yes. Email address consist in “testing twitter” account settings.
The application information on page ( show that it can get my email.


Same issue also in python version of code.

account/verify_credentials?include_email=true don’t have email in response.


Can you share a code snippet?

Have you re-authenticated your user token since you updated the application’s privileges to include email access?