Getting Code 34 error after requesting retweeter IDs more than 6x in a loop


Hi, I’m wondering if Twitter has per-second rate limits, because when I loop through retweeter ID requests, once I go past 6 requests, I get a Code 34 error in response. I don’t see mention of per-second limits, though. Plus, I’ve tried throttling my loop (waiting a sec between each iteration), but that hasn’t worked, either.

Any insights would be much appreciated. Thanks!



The rate limits broadly work on 15 minute windows, but within that if you make too many requests in a tight batch I wouldn’t be surprised if our BotMaker antispam or our rate limiting algorithms would apply. How many times would your code loop with or without the wait applied i.e. how many requests “might” occur to the endpoint in the 15 minute window, if there was no Code 34 returned?


Hey Andy,

Thanks for your responsiveness.

Well, I’ve never planned for this personal project to make more than the max # of retweeter ID requests per 15 min window. While developing it, though, I’m making a handful of individual requests (somewhere between 6-10) every few minutes (still well below 60 per 15 mins).

Any ideas? – At the end of the day (i.e. once I’ve tested that my lil’ app works), I will probably take up all the requests I’m afforded as a hobby developer, so I ask that you please take that into account.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Andy. Any update on this? For what it’s worth, I’m totally not interested in inadvertently cuing spammers as to how they might clog your API server, so if that’s a concern, maybe you can message me in private? – This really is for a personal project and it really won’t be going over the relevant rate limit (it’s not a real-time application).

Hope you had a nice holiday break. TTYS.



Hey Andy,

Safe to assume that maybe we’re not actually supposed to use up our rate limit, …even if it really will be only occasionally? (like literally 1-2x/week, once my little app is complete).

Well, let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.



Yes, ideally you wouldn’t hit the limit, and I can’t be sure why you might be getting throttled with error code 34 - I would try an exponential back off wait approach to try to get back to a working state.


That didn’t really do anything. :frowning: – I guess I have to get ‘creative’, because this is pretty important for my portfolio, and I’m not about to give up after I put so much work into it.

Thanks, anyway, @andypiper.