Getting blockers and spammers by REST API?


Is it possible to get the “users that blocked me” or “users that spammed me” by using REST API ?
It seems like “users/lookup” doesn’t have such info.
Or is it legal to show spammers or blockers ?
Thank you


Any comments ?


No, it’s not directly possible – to a certain degree, being blocked or reported for spam by a user is a private action taken by that user.


Well, this is an old topic but needs an update.
It seems like now we can see who blocked us.
When we try to follow a blocker person, twitter warns us that “this user blocked you and you can’t follow him/her”.
So it is open to enduser that user is blocker.

@andypiper Is it still not possible in REST API ?


Firstly there’s no “spam” marker in user profile information.

There are two fields - blocked and muted - which are visible in a user profile, but you can only see a true or false value in the JSON response if you are the authenticating user, i.e. I can see if I’ve blocked or muted a user, but that user cannot see that I have done so. As @episod said previously, this is a privacy issue. If you are not the authenticating user, those fields will show null.

You’ll only get the information you’re referring to ‘x has blocked you’ when you try to carry out an action explicitly prevented by the block (i.e. a follow). You cannot ask the API to tell you whether a user has blocked you.

This would not be in the spirit of applications built on the API.


Thank you for detailed information @andypiper.

Sorry for confusion. I mentioned the scenario that authenticated user looking to his own friends/followers list. I didn’t mean whether a user can reach another user’s blockers.

Nowadays when user tries to send a follow request from twitter interface, (due to follow action is not permitted) he gets an answer that “you are blocked”. I had asked previously whether authenticated user can reach this info by REST API.