Getting bigger Profile_Image in v1.1 (JavaScript)


Hello there!

Firstly I should say I’m an absolute amateur coder, and I’m reverse engineering someone’s open source Twitter widget for my own purposes.

I can get the normal 4848px Profile_Image fine, however I’ve had to resort to this method to get the bigger 7373px image:

profileimage = feeds[i].retweeted_status.user.profile_image_url_https;
profileimageslice = profileimage.slice(0,(profileimage.length-11));
profileimagebigger = profileimageslice.concat("bigger.jpeg");

I’ve done it in three separate steps to help my brain understand what I’m doing. This method above does work, I’m just wondering if there’s a simpler way of getting the bigger profile images?




Replace _bigger by _reasonably_small at the end of the url