Getting authorization to send a post request (video upload)



I want to send a post request to the to post a video from my java web application to twitter. I have all the necessary keys to get the authorization but I don’t know what URL should I use? For example, to get the request token we use So for the authorization, can I use Or have I to send the oauth parameters only to the every time with the INIT, APPEND and the FINALIZE command?


Hello @andypiper, have you please any idea about that? Thanks!


Information about our OAuth implementation can be found here, with additional comments on the requirements for media here. Rather than trying to sign everything yourself I’d strongly recommend finding a client library that makes this easier. You can see the example upload traces in the Uploading Media guide (using twurl). By running twurl yourself with the -t parameter you’ll enable more detailed tracing which would output the OAuth headers.