Getting all followers of a user: no faster way?


I’m using Tweepy on Python to retrieve a list of followers of a user. As far as I can tell, the fastest possible “rate” at which to retrieve this list is to query followers/ids, by which you can get a maximum of:

5000 users/call @ 1 call/minute = 300k ids/hour.

Is this the fastest possible way to get a list of users on Twitter? I just wanted to see if there was some yet-unheard-of way to do this without running up to this limit.

Also, and this references the question asked recently here, is it possible to jump partway through a cursor? For instance, if I manage to crawl 5 million out of 10 million total followers and then my system crashes, is it possible to pick back up at the 5 millionth follower (assuming I’m saving this list in some sort of database) or am I SOL and have to go back to the beginning?


You can get more if you use both the User Auth, and Application Auth:

Quick search turn up that Tweepy supports app only authentication, but i’m not familiar with that library: