Getting a 403 when posting to /accounts/:accountid/tailored_audiences


We are getting a 403 “The client application making this request does not have access to this API” only when we post to the endpoint

It seems like we were getting 200 response earlier, but as of earlier today we are getting 403 consistently.

If we perform a GET request to that url, it works fine.

Any idea what is going on?

Problem POST Ads API when GET is fine
Problem POST Ads API when GET is fine

Any help would be appreciated, our app id is 8097077


This app has read-only access so POST requests will not succeed.


Hi @jillblaz The app has the following permissions set in the my-apps section of the twitter dev interface “Read, Write and Access direct messages” … is the read-only access you mention different?


@pykler that refers to the access you have with respect to the REST APIs.


@andrs does that mean we need to speak with our twitter ads api rep regarding that access? or is it something with how the oauth keys were created?


Yup, that’s correct @pykler, you should speak with your Twitter Ads API rep!