Getting a 401 for non-existent users


Although some twitter users are suspended or non-existent I get a 401 error.
For example user screen_name: fabienalonso
It seems like the user doesn’t exists:
But when I make a getFollowers or getFriends call, I get 401 error.
For example:

This user is suspended:
But I also get a 401 error.

Is this normal case? How can I find out the user doesn’t exists or suspended or I’m not authorized to see the ids.
By making a getFollowersIds or getFriendsIds call ??

Or must I make a users/lookup everytime I get a 401 error ? This consumes extra computation and API calls…


Any comments about this?


Anybody knows this issue?


Anybody can comment please?


Same issue for this.
This gives the IDS of rihanna:

This gives not authorized 401 error.
But when I check I see that user is deleted: