Getting 429 error even after trying to generate new access token before every api call


Hi All,
I am trying to get tweets for multiple twitter accounts and getting 429 “Client Error” after getting tweets for 178-179 twitter accounts,in order to avoid crossing of rate limits I am generating a new access token for the authentic twitter account from which I am triggering the call,but no luck.I am assuming rate limits are based on access tokens then why I am getting this 429 error,
Is it like access token does not differ for a particular window size,so when I am trying to get a new access token I am getting same acess token ?
Thanks in advance


The rate limits are per access token, but the access token is a reference to the user <-> application relationship. The rate limit is really more associated with that combination than the instance of the access token itself. Re-negotiating an access token does not re-negotiate your rate limits for that user. Instead, you should just be waiting for the rate limit window to complete before making further requests.


I don’t know the twitter api system well; but I think your system banned me. I got, get(‘account/verify_credentials’) – http_code, and I saw it gives 429 error everytime… Before I didn’t change some things on the “my applications page on Twitter”, it had been working fine. ??