Getting 420 sending direct messages



We are seeing an elevated number of errors 420 when sending direct messages. We normally delay at least 2s between DMs per account. Is the 420 error an application level rate limit? What is the recommended pace for sending DMs?
Our customers send DMs to users that have opted-in to receive DM updates so the faster we can deliver those DMs the better for our customers and their subscribers.



It sounds like you’re hitting a regular rate limit. You can read more about the adaptive Direct Message rate limit here. The API is not designed for high volume push notifications, but can be used more readily for conversational use cases. I’m afraid there’s no work around if you’re attempting to send a large number of Direct Messages in a short space of time.


The specific client I know was sending 1-2 messages 2-3 days a week (so no more than 2-6x updates per week to those who opted-in to those updates), which does not hit the limit given the below (referenced in Andy’s reply). Also, it is a bit weird as it fails at the customer account level, not at the specific twitter user level.


I just ran a few tests and found that everything is working as expected for me. Our new POST app rate limits don’t go into effect until September 10th (announcement), so you shouldn’t be experiencing rate limits on the app level.

Do you have any additional details that might help me in my attempts to replicate this?

Also, if you believe that you are going to need elevations to the rate limits, you run through the steps outlined in this announcement.


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