Getting 403 error when we shouldn't be hitting any limits


We are using Twitter in our game (iOS and Android) so that users can sign in to their accounts and tweet screenshots of levels they have designed. It is a very unique use of twitter and is being appreciated worldwide. As such it is a very important feature of our game Socioball.

The exact error we’re getting is Twitter returned status code: 403. We are using Prime31’s Unity plugin for integration with Twitter, and thus don’t have access to the full error information.

Going through the support links I understand that the only possible explanation is that we are exceeding our limits. I don’t know how or why that is happening. Each user uses their own id and is able to tweet from their id otherwise. Looking at the link, there’s no reason any of this should be happening. We’re not using any of those functions, except tweeting, which clearly isn’t happening at that rate (which we can track, because the application inserts #socioball into every generated tweet).

The game is live on the marketplace and we’d like to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We would appreciate any help you can offer us.

Apoorva Joshi
Yellow Monkey Studios


Yes. We are also facing the same issue. Any help would be appreciated.


Hey Apoorva @Socioball,

I came across this-

Maybe give this a shot. We are also trying the same today.

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