Getting 401 unauthorized error when I provide callback with request_token request


Okay, if I omit the callback when making my request to, I get back the token that I can apply to There I am presented with the authorization login screen, which, after logging in, presents me with the pin page.

However, this is not what I want. If I understand the directions correctly, if I supply an oauth_callback argument to the initial request, the user would be directed to that callback url after the login. But, simply by adding the callback to the first request, I get a 401 error.

OAuth oauth_callback=“”, oauth_consumer_key=“6EyXRg4MkbSfewAb9obLJQ”, oauth_nonce=“9l291p5k”, oauth_signature=“JYWxJiQDDBTbHmM7t%2B7H%2FO6Rqlk%3D”, oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”, oauth_timestamp=“1365571211”, oauth_version=“1.0”

Now, I’ve been screwed up before because the twitter application wasn’t set up to allow read/write on the access level. Right now I have “Callback URL” set to “None” and “Sign in with Twitter” set to “No” (those were the defaults) for the application. Are these supposed to be something else to allow the callback parameter? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation that says they need to be.


Do you know the details of the 401 error – is it specifically an error about the callback URL or is it possible there was an encoding issue with the callback URL in the signature base string instead?

In order to use a callback value other than “oob” on that step, you also need to have a placeholder callback URL in place on your application record on


Well, that was it. No “placeholder callback”. I changed the application settings and everything is now progressing to the next step.


i am facing the same issue, can you please suggest me which default setting of account need to change, is the callback url settings.