Getting 401 Authorization Required last couple of days


I started getting 401 errors. I can duplicate the problem here…

Using the signature generator, I generate the request then use the curl command line, curl returns with the 401 response.

This is the endpoint that is returning the errors…

To duplicate the problem this is what I am doing…

  1. Go to…
    https: //
  2. Click “Test OAuth”
  3. Change the Request URI to…
    https: //
  4. Click “Get OAuth Signature”
  5. Copy the curl command
  6. Paste the CURL command into the console

I have tried the curl command from Linux, 3 different Amazon EC2 Libux instances, I have also tried it from my OS X Workstation.

I added spaces to some of the referenced URL’s twitter didn’t like any more than 2 URL’s


Perhaps my request for help isn’t clear or perhaps it is in the wrong place. Is there a way to notify someone from twitter that the signature generated from their signature generator isn’t autheticating when using the curl command they suggest.

I have been successful at making requests to the twitter API in the past but they have just recently started failing. Is there a better place to post my question/request for help?


I’m having the same issue here with a new test application that I have created to test the Twitter API for implementation into an application I am building that will consume the streaming API