Getting 400 Bad Request while calling user_timeline for API V 1.1


Hi All,

I am getting 400 Bad request Error
Here are my details which I posted through HTTP Request
HTTP url=
HTTP Param type=“header” name=“access_token” value="554641359-9r54eVZX1IzecqY4xiPuE8i9XZwSauz4Ek597LE
HTTP Param type=“header” name=“access_token_secret” value="kBIW7HxzBXRL9MN9YHQme91Eh5j52JnW2Bz7cp6xQ
HTTP Param type=“header” name=“consumer_key” value="ONKcwdIK8XXisHhTNjsA
HTTP Param type=“header” name=“consumer_secret” value="hgrlt4bVkGFjv39epoFLwuKCuICJIroRkOYzdkc

Please tell what I am doing wrong over here.


I guess Issue is “I am not passing Oath Parameters”.
But how can I generate it without OathType?
How can I pass my Authorization schema ?


Now I am creating oath Settings
First : Creating oauth_nonce by creating random alphanumeric characters of 32 length.
Second: Creating Signature Using HMAC-SHA1
Third: Creating time-stamp using DateDiff(“s”, CreateDate(1970,1,1), Now())

by Passing all Oath parameters, I am getting 401 Unauthorized.
Any guess, what is the Issue here ?