Getting 214 when trying to register webhook



I have been trying to register webhook url and when I try I get "{“errors”:[{“code”:214,“message”:"Webhook URL does not meet the
requirements. Please consult:"}]}". I have baseencoded the hmac from the crctoken and consumer secret. Below is the code for it

$sha_token = base64_encode(hash_hmac (“sha256”, trim($crc_token),trim($consumer_secret), true));

  $response = array("response_token"=> "sha256=".$sha_token);

header(“HTTP/1.1 200 OK”);
echo json_encode($response);

There is no latency issue. But still the url is not getting registered.


214 error can also mean that you already had a webhook registered to your app. During beta you can only have one webhook per app.


Thank you for replying. When I try to get registered webhook(I have not registered one before but just to be sure) using it returns null. So there are no registered webhooks. So should I get with twitter support?