Getting 144 error for api.destroy_favorite on tweets that exist and are liked by my account


What I was trying to do: Maintain my account I have liked 19000 tweets in past many years. I wrote a script with python and tweepy using api.destroy_favorite for the selected tweetids (I do not remember liking many of these )


  1. api call gives 144 error on about 1000 of the oldest ones (Haven’t tried the rest)
  2. when I check manually, not only are the tweets still existing but they also show me as one of the people “liking” them with my current profile pic etc. However it does not have the handy like toggle listed against my name and I have no ability to unlike it
  3. These tweets do show up in the json like files for my account archive.
    Please advise.


Let me get back to you on this. I’m going to have to do some digging to see what is going on here.


I am trying to like and unlike as an alternative but twitter complains with bulk likes and I get rate limited. I am also seeing additional errors which I do not find in the response code section- error code 136 and 142.


The response code section is not a complete list of all of the response codes that might deliver, but rather a selection of the most common response codes that deliver.

The 142 error error (Can’t favorite Tweets of protected users you aren’t following) might be a user who has gone private since you favorited their Tweet, so you can’t unfavorite it due to this protection.

The 136 is similar, but relates to being blocked instead of being protected.

As for the 144 when the Tweet is still active, I’m going to have to have a chat about this with a colleague who is currently out on vacation. I’ll get back to you when I can on this situation.


Since yesterday’s run of 1000 create/destroy ALL my 15.6K likes including the fresh ones i was not destroying have vanished. yet the count says 15.6K. Something very odd is going on.


After deleting an additional 900 the count still says 15.6K and except from likes from Nov 17 2018 all other tweets liked are invisible. I suspect someone is breaking into my account and messing with it.
Some reasons why I think so:

  1. I also noticed strange follow requests. Going private mode does not seem to help.
  2. I see my date of birth listed correctly on profile but incorrectly in settings on the web UI (mobile and laptop) and no matter how many times I edit it doesn’t get corrected
  3. My tweet interest list is oddly adding things that have nothing to do with me and the list itself has shrunk
  4. I frequently see random languages other than English and Marathi added to my account.


If you truly believe that someone else is accessing your account, I suggest for you to update your password. Using a password generator (example) would help to prevent a hack like this in the future.

I’m still not sure what is going on with the favorites situation.


Thanks! I change my password often and use complex passwords (my startup is focused on security and I am very cognizant of those things).

For the favorites issue mentioned earlier I will provide some examples later. I accidentally deleted my logfile so I cannot provide it right away

For the other issue, I am going to use API calls to see what the server thinks is my data vs. what the UI (mobile and web is showing me I have also not tried via the app). This should help direct the “missing likes including those less than 2 weeks old (e.g. 1061327892519493633) on UI” issue to the right team.


Ok here is an example of incorrect 144s

Also seeing a lot of account suspensions which are causing the tweet to seem non existent to the API call. Shouldn’t we be allowed to unfavorite previously favorited tweets of now protected or those who have blocked us or suspended users? Hate to see dangling references especially given their current status. Not being able to do so may help someone abuse the system like get people to like their tweets and then hold on to your likes until you delete your account by going in private mode or blocking etc.


Thank you for providing that example Tweet. I just ran a couple of tests and was able to both create and delete a favorite for that Tweet. Are you still experiencing issues with that Tweet?

The suspension situation is not something that we handle via this forum. Please use for questions like this. This forum exists to help developers with API questions.


Thanks for the response. I will recheck the tweetID I mentioned as well some of the similar others and let you know.
And yes, I will let know about the other concerns.


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