Getting 144 error for api.destroy_favorite on tweets that exist and are liked by my account



What I was trying to do: Maintain my account I have liked 19000 tweets in past many years. I wrote a script with python and tweepy using api.destroy_favorite for the selected tweetids (I do not remember liking many of these )


  1. api call gives 144 error on about 1000 of the oldest ones (Haven’t tried the rest)
  2. when I check manually, not only are the tweets still existing but they also show me as one of the people “liking” them with my current profile pic etc. However it does not have the handy like toggle listed against my name and I have no ability to unlike it
  3. These tweets do show up in the json like files for my account archive.
    Please advise.


Let me get back to you on this. I’m going to have to do some digging to see what is going on here.