GetStreaming twitter API- Is it enabled for Developer Account?



I am using pythin-twitter package in Python with function GetStreaming.

twitteruser = self.api.VerifyCredentials()
tweets = self.api.GetStreamFilter(track=["#trends"])

After the above, following for loop fails. Is Developer A/C not authorized? I tried to call GetSearch, VerifyCredentials etc, its all working.

for tweet in tweets:    

Only Streaming is not working and gives following message when above for loop is executed. I have also given read/write and post direct message permission too on the account which am using. I am not able to figure out what is needed here. thanks in advance.

{'message': 'Unauthorized'}


Make sure you have assigned read/write privileges to your Twitter application keys. By default, when you create an application it has only read privileges. Streaming API requires read/write.