getActiveSession returns session after app re-launch, but statusService.update returns 403


If I have previously logged into twitter via my app, in oncreate of my main activity I can get a session returned from


However, the session must not actually be active because I get a 403 forbidden when trying

StatusesService statusesService = TwitterCore.getInstance().getApiClient().getStatusesService();

statusesService.update("i like twitter", ...)

So this leaves the question, how can I check via the Twitter SDK if the user is logged in AND currently has the ability to update status? Basically I want the Sign in button to tell them they already have the ability to tweet if they tap it with an active session and would not have a 403 returned from attempting to tweet. I thought if getActiveSession returned a non null value, that would mean the user should be able to call statusService.update("", …) without getting a 403, but that is obviously not the case.

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