getAccessToken :: This feature is temporarily unavailable



Getting down in the weeds on this one. I’m using an older version of @abraham’s twitteroauth.

$connection = new TwitterOAuth(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET, $default_token, $default_token_secret);
/* Request access tokens from twitter */
$access_token = $connection->getAccessToken($oauth_verifier, $oauth_token);

When it fails, I get “This feature is temporarily unavailable”. Is this an issue on Twitter’s side of things, or is there something I can do on my side to get this working closer to 100% of the time. Once it’s effected a user, it seems to continue with that user. I can’t recreate the issue, which makes it difficult to figure out.


Hi Guys I am also experienced the exact same issue however we are using a similar version of a python library to authenticate our users. Here my link to the question:

Please any feedback on what I can do to fix this would be great? Any direction, is it on my side or on the Twitter side?

Dilmer Valecillos
Software Engineer


This is working for me now thanks Twitter !


I’m getting the error “This feature is temporarily unavailable”. I’m new to oAuth/Twitter API however, my solution worked once and all details successfully retrieved but 99 times out of 100 I get the error described.

Am I missing something? I’m assuming the twitter API is not that unreliable and wondered if I was being throttled. Should I be using a sandpit solution for development?

Thanks for your help.


It’s back again, the error of doom when trying to get an access token.