GET verify_credentials, rate limits, and Sign in with Twitter


edit: It looks like I misunderstood - verify_credentials seems to be rate limited per user? So this won’t be a problem for 16 different registrations.

I’ve been following the implementation for “Sign in with Twitter” ( as a secondary login method for an existing site. Currently for this site, a username and an e-mail address are required.

I’ve set up verify_credentials to get both the Twitter handle and email (if available). But since verify_credentials is rate limited, after 15 registrations in 15 minutes, a 16th registered account in that timespan would be unable to get the user’s email and username.

Is there another way to get a user’s Twitter handle and/or e-mail without worrying about application rate limits? For instance if the client themselves retrieved it somehow? Or must these requests be queued for processing later?