GET users/search Pagination


Continuing the discussion from User search - I get duplicate results and pages repeat instead of end:

Is this the only endpoint that has a “page” parameter? All others are cursored - and are much easier to work with.

This issue is still unresolved. There is no way of knowing when to stop pagination apart from checking if last 2 requests give you the same results.

Ideally, the endpoint would be cursored - when trying to search for users, it seems wasteful to attempt to loop over 50 pages (count=20 per page for max 1000 results) each time, checking for duplicate results to stop.

There is no cursor value / next page results in this twitter rest api end point

I am running into this problem right now. While debugging it to confirm the endpoint really was repeating results, I hit the rate limit. I am interested to hear about any potential resolutions, workarounds that don’t involve caching (the application I am trying to hook up to Twitter is stateless), or ways to implement user search with the Streaming API instead.


Is there any way to get next set of page results for user search? I tried since_id and all . Its not working. Please help.


Second this. Cursored endpoints are far easier to deal with


For GET request (I pass the Access Token, Secret, consumer key, consumer secret as well). The response contains only first 20 matching results and response not containing previous_cursor and next_cursor keys. How to specify value for count param to get 1000 results


In API doc it clear mentioned maximum value for count is 20 but i want to pull 1000.Please hel pme


This endpoint does not support next and previous cursors. You can request additional pages via the page parameter.