GET users/lookup


Documentation says you can call for 100 user ids at a time, but I can’t get more than 25. I’m querying the users who follow some pretty big users, so this makes a major time difference for me. Help!!

My request URL looks like:,3058039271,3058039343,239716326,395496302,3057889420,3029065367,2359285558,2800936134,3058009877,3057967887,3057984233,3058042012,3058027972,3038731230,3057982505,2941888622,3057936567,1887215264,3058009468,26942062,2970186148,446471009,3057920859

Documentation that I’m referencing:

P.S. I could have sworn that as of last week it was 200 users at a time. Confirmation?