GET users/lookup does not work


Calling the API (v1.1) URL appending web request ( does not seem to work.
I keep getting the error: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

I have tried several parameter combinations to appended to the “” URL, including “?user_id=xxxxxxx”.

When making the API (v1.1) URL call to obtain twitter follower ID’s ( works with the way I generated the authentication header. I create the authentication header the same way when attempting to get user information (GET users/lookup) when passing in the user_id (or several user_id 's), but it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe I am not including the correct parameters when making a request to the for both the final result and for the generation of the signature.

So my questions are … what are the correct parameters in the requests for generating both the signature (oauth_signature) value and obtaining the fully-hydrated user objects information???

I noticed that in the API 1.1 documentation the only example given on the ‘Creating a signature’ page is one used to post a tweet ( The information should include an example for creating a signature for all the API resources.


Same issue works if only one id or one screen_name added this is a bug on their end I see no one answered you after 16 weeks and 4 days most likely because the api kids do not know what they are doing and it is on their end. How can it Authorise on one id or screen name and not on more than one even when using coma separators ?


Solved us this %2C instead of a , coma


API v1.1 is strict about character encoding in querystrings, POST bodies, and OAuth signature base strings while API v1 was more lenient to common mistakes and variations.


I have encoded the parameter string and signature base string following is my code,but still the error messge is coming

String parameter_string = “oauth_consumer_key=” + “xxxxx” + “&oauth_nonce=” + oauth_nonce + “&oauth_signature_method=” + oauth_signature_method +
"&oauth_timestamp=" + oauth_timestamp + “&oauth_token=” + encode(oauth_token) + “&oauth_version=1.0&user_id=”+encode(“xxxxxx”)+ “%2C”+encode(“xxxxx”);

        String signature_base_string = get_or_post + "&"+ encode(twitter_endpoint) + "&" + encode(parameter_string);