GET user timeline



I am trying to fetch all organic tweets using GET USER_TIMELINE with the code below -
for status in tweepy.Cursor(api.user_timeline, screen_name = screen_name, count = 200, since_id = max_tweet_id).items()

It does not seem to work as expected using the since_id. Can anyone let me know why ?


What does not work? What error are you seeing?


@andypiper - I think I figured it out. I guess I was using 0 as since_id for the initial load. Changing it to “None” worked for me. Thanks for the response.

I have a related question - I am trying to pull all organic tweets (approx 200000 in count) for a twitter account. Is there a way I can get them ? The documentation shows, there is a max limit of around 3200 of the most recent tweets that can be fetched. Could you suggest any possible methods where I can them all ?


There’s no way to do this in the standard API. In the premium full archive search API, you could request all Tweets posted by a user handle.


Thank you.