Get user owned lists



I’m trying to get all the lists owned by the user, since there is no direct endpoint to get this data i’m trying the following:

get all_user_lists = use lists/list to get all the lists the specific user is subscribes to (including his own).
get all_user_subscription = use lists/subscriptions to get the lists the user subscribes to (not including his own)

user_owned_lists = all_user_lists - all_user_subscription

this algorithm works fine UNLESS for the scenario that the user is subscribed to more then 100 lists.

the lists/list endpoint return up to 100 lists (even though it doesnt state that in the documentation) and it doesn’t support cursor. so if your user have more then 100 lists that he is subscribed to, there is no actual way to get only the owned lists.

any ideas how to get around this?


We know of this deficiency and will rectify it soon with a new method dedicated to owned lists.