Get User ID and Photograph using twitter API 1.1



I have a Windows 8 App , which calls to Twitter via Azure Mobile Service. Intially I was able to get the user’s json information ( Name and Profile picture ) by passsing the ID to the following URL:<Twitter_ID>

However with the change of twitter API 1.1 this doesnot work. I am able to login but unable to retreive the user information in JSON format.

Please help me getting the correct signature format using C#.


Use OAuth and the API method [node:10320]


We really recommend performing OAuth using HTTP headers instead of query string parameters.

The OAuth 1.0A signature format is complex to generate. I would recommend using a library.

The process for generating the signature and parameters involved in OAuth are the same regardless though… instead of presenting the oauth_* parameters in a HTTP header, you attached them as query string parameters instead.


Thnx mate … Done … Will post an article on the complete code soon !



I was intially harcoating my consumer key and secret in the app , I was able to authenticate the app and my requirements are working fine. Is it safe to hardcoat these sensitive information and distribute the app , … Is there some other where I can can programmatically get these data from twitter.