Get user email


Please help users get mail authorization on the site.

I introduced the “Privacy Policy URL” and "Terms of Service URL"
Noted “Request email addresses from users”.

The request to verify_credentials transferred in the option ‘include_email’ => true

In response, I do not get user email.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Are you using PHP? Are you setting the include_email parameter as a string, or as a boolean (make sure it is a string).


Also, have you verified this is the case for all users? Please note that users that don’t have verified email addresses on Twitter don’t return an email in the response even if you do have access to it.


yes PHP, and I tried as a Boolean and a string as a string is now


Are you able to successfully retrieve an email address from one of the accounts you’re testing with using twurl?

Have you signed in again / retrieved new tokens after changing the permissions? Does the OAuth dialog at sign-in show the email permission request?

As @WUMSite rightly notes, only verified email addresses will be returned.


my email address is verified

and when i “sign in” on my site (twitter OAuth), response:
{“id”:823835092611190789,“id_str”:“823835092611190789”,“name”:“Ivan”,“screen_name”:“Ivan55869997”,“location”:"",“description”:"",“url”:null,“entities”:{“description”:{“urls”:[]}},“protected”:false,“followers_count”:0,“friends_count”:0,“listed_count”:0,“created_at”:“Tue Jan 24 10:09:27 +0000 2017”,“favourites_count”:0,“utc_offset”:-28800,“time_zone”:“Pacific Time (US & Canada)”,“geo_enabled”:false,“verified”:false,“statuses_count”:0,“lang”:“ru”,“contributors_enabled”:false,“is_translator”:false,“is_translation_enabled”:false,“profile_background_color”:“F5F8FA”,“profile_background_image_url”:null,“profile_background_image_url_https”:null,“profile_background_tile”:false,“profile_image_url”:“",“profile_image_url_https”:“”,“profile_link_color”:“1DA1F2”,“profile_sidebar_border_color”:“C0DEED”,“profile_sidebar_fill_color”:“DDEEF6”,“profile_text_color”:“333333”,“profile_use_background_image”:true,“has_extended_profile”:false,“default_profile”:true,“default_profile_image”:true,“following”:false,“follow_request_sent”:false,“notifications”:false,“translator_type”:"none”}


In that case I have to assume that something is wrong in the way the API is being invoked. Can you try using your app token to authorize twurl against your account, then call /1.1/account/verify_credentials.json?include_email=true at the command line?