Get user data by using Twitter Streaming API, Twitter Rest API


I do some analysis on twitter users features like number of following , number of retweet, number of friend , etc
I have all my information from Twitter Rest API
But there is an Rate Limit Exceeded error occurred when I tried to retrieve all data
can I have all these data from Twitter Streaming API , if I can , how I can you it?
If not what Is the Solution?

Thanks for Help


There’s no streaming API for user data, so you’ll have to stay under the rate limits provided by the REST API. Ensure that you’re using users/lookup and not users/show for bulk lookups—you’ll get better mileage that way.

How much data are you trying to retrieve?


Thanks for Reply
I do some analysis for information that related to user
for example , I need how many user retweet your post, make favorite on your post, reply to your post
so I trace all member’s following and for each member I trace all his statuses

because of that I have Limit exceeded error

I tried to apply sleep in thread but it give me the same error

so I didn’t know where is the solution



Yup, if you’re hitting the limits then you need to slow down your rate of requests.

Check the X-Rate-Limit-* headers of the API responses to guide you; they’ll indicate what the rate limit is, how much is remaining, and how long until you get another allocation of requests.

There’s also lots of information about rate limiting at


Thanks for your response again , I will follow our guides

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