Get Unit Id before being on store


I am integrating AdMob through Fabric on my app.
I have a Question for you.
To alloc an ad I am using this line of code:

self.adView = [[MPAdView alloc] initWithAdUnitId:@“0fd404de447942edb7610228cb412614” size:MOPUB_BANNER_SIZE];

I would like to use my own AdUnitId and not a test Id, but to do that, I have to go to
and create one. Unfortunately, I need the iTunes URL but since my app is not published yet, how can I do?

I am looking forward to your answer.

Thank you.


You can enter a testing URL like to bypass the App Store URL field to create an Ad Unit ID for testing. Please make it clear that the URL is being used for testing.

We recommend that you change this to the actual URL on app release as your app may be flagged for fraudulent activity if it is released and not using the correct URL. This also impacts the approval process for Marketplace if the URL is incorrect.



Thank you for your reply
I used http://testing.this
Okay as soon as my app will be on market, I will change this URL with the actual one
Could you please tell me more about “approval process for Marketplace” 'cause is a little bit unclear at the moment.
Thank you very much.


Could you please reply to my previous mail? Thank you very much.


To be approved for Marketplace, please email with up to date payment information and the corresponding Android package name/iTunes App Store URL/Website URL linked to your MoPub App. For faster approval, please include screenshots of the app in your Admin page/your website’s admin page to show that you are the owner of the account.