Get tweets using the location or the Latitude and Longitude


Hello to support team,

I am a postgraduate student to International Hellenic University and i am interested to take a thesis regarding sentiment analysis of tweets (emotional state) for users of different states of America. Since i am new to the twitter API i was wondering if i can have some pointers about how to download and save such tweets since i need a good amount of them and with a good diversity of different states in order to produce my data-set for the analysis.

Thanks in advance



I’d recommend Twarc ( as a simple command line tool for retrieving tweets from the Twitter API. In your particular case it would allow geocoded searches (i.e., using the geocode parameter) or filter streams (i.e., using the locations parameter).


Dear Justin ,

Thank you for the reply, it is a promising suggestion but i also need to collect tweets from 2016 so that i could have the chance to examine the sentiment changes through time as a dimension and not only the past 7 days…


That is not possible using the standard API, you need to look at the commercial historical API products from GNIP to search back that far.