Get Tweets using Atom doesn't work for my Username?


I try to get my tweets using atom request:$username

My user name is JaiderNet, but I don’t know why I don’t get any tweet, I also try HTTPS request.

if I user other twitter account like microsoft, java… you will see that it will return a lot of data. even if I used my friend account (joscobb)., will return the tweets.

Why it doesn’t work for my account? I already try to change the username to lowercase (jaidernet), or using underscore (jaider_net) but any of these work. I don’t know what is going on here???


If you’re looking for your own tweets, the Search API isn’t the right source – you should request for your user timeline instead.

Keep in mind that search is not exhaustive, it’s possible that the tweets you’re looking for just aren’t in search right now – an even better reason to get the tweets you’re looking for from the user timeline API.

See this FAQ entry for more info: