Get tweets from a list of userids AND track a keyword


Hi all,

For my usecase I would like to do two things (preferably at once):

  • get both the tweets from a list of userid’s and tweets matching a keyword. For example: tweets from userid’s 13002, 32351, 15123 and get the tweets matching the keyword ‘fire’ which could be any twitteruser’s tweets outside those userid’s.

I understand when using the streaming api I can use two parameters for my purpose, but is this the best setup?

Or would it be better to create a separate connection for tracking a keyword?

And secondly; if I can do both at once with a single connection/query; what will the response look like? Will Twitter show what tweet/object matched what query (e.g. the userid or the keyword i’m tracking) or will I need to write some extra lines of code on my end to see if a tweet was retrieved because it matches a userid or it matches a keyword i’m tracking?

Thank you in advance!