Get Tweet timelines with Premium/Enterprise API


Hi all, I was wondering whether the Premium or Enterprise APIs provide an endpoint similar to GET statuses/user_timeline in the free API that allows you to access more than the last 3200 tweets of a user. The premium API allows searching tweets as far back as 2006, but I could not tell whether this time frame also applies to timelines.
Best, Bernhard


There are no premium or enterprise endpoints related to user timelines. You’ve only got the search options, that would get you something similar via the from:screen_name search operator.


Thanks for this.

Can you point me to where the from:screen_name operator is documented? I cannot find anything about it on the Search Tweets documentation:

Would the premium search endpoint allow me to search for all tweets of a given screen_name, and given fromDate, toDate parameters? The fact that the query parameter is required suggest it would not, because I have to specify keywords - correct?


You can read more about supported operators here and here. I believe you can indeed search using both the from: operator as the value of the query parameter, and the fromDate and toDate parameters. Just tested locally and it seems to work fine that way.