Get tweet replies


is ist possible to get all replies to a tweet via Api call? Only the IDs should be enogh…
I build an Web-App where you update your twitter status. Now I want to show this tweet with its replies. Similar to ‘statuses/retweets/:id’ just for replies.


Any update on this thread?


No, there is no API that enables the replies to be returned. You’ll have to search for replies.


How do we search for replies, which REST API to call…


You’ll have to use search/tweets to try to do this - there’s no exact API method.


I did use that
this gives me the Retweets but not the replies to the tweet …


I can’t believe that it’s still not implemented as of 2018.

Or should I say: not implemented for third-party apps ; Twitter official tokens having endpoints allowing it.


Since twitter staff says there’s no such API, I wrote a snippet for this.
It takes time but works.


Thanks for sharing, I’m sure others will find this useful!