Get the user email


How to get the Email of user by using API?


Please see How to get email is using twitter api on callback page using php


Sorry, But i am not able to resolved email issue by using the solution link that you have provided. And Please suggest me what i do for same. thanks.


The appropriate documentation is on account/verify_credentials. Your app must be whitelisted for access to a user’s email address.


Is it possible to get user email id using twitter API in social login or not?


Yes, the instructions are on the link I posted in my previous reply.


for account ‘whitelisted’, which option we need too chose in you share link ‘’.?


Choose the xAuth option and explain in the text box that you do not require xAuth, but you would like access to the user’s email address and require whitelisting. We still require information about your app as described on the form.


I am using the twitter login/registration on my PHP website. In this case how i get the email id of user?


As I said previously

Go and look at the docs for account/verify_credentials which describes how to request the email address, once your app key / site has been whitelisted for access.


I have submitted form for whitelisting our app to get email access. Immediately received auto reply from twitter support team.

Thank you for reaching out. Twitter restricts xAuth access, and does not grant it for website-based applications, single-user applications or applications in development. These applications must use the regular OAuth process instead. You’ll find resources that will guide you through this process on our developer site.

does it mean this form will not be reviewed??


If you explained the purpose of your request in the detail section of the form then you should be all good for the information to be reviewed.


Yes. I have mentioned… I will wait for 2-3 days to get response. Thank you so much


What video link did you use in the request (required field?)…


I had mentioned YouTube video link


I had submitted form on 4th June 2015 for whitelisting my app to get email access. Apart from an auto reply I did not get any other response. I had shared video links and mentioned detailed description.

what should I do further?? Please someone help me on this


I’m getting the same thing: no response. What do I need to do to get my web-app reviewed for white-listing? Some sort of reply would be better than total silence.


Woot! Finally got one of my six applications whitelisted!!! Testing is going well (I’m getting the email address back, no problems)! I Used the xAuth permissions request and responded to the email saying I didn’t need xAuth but Whitelist.


I have fulfilled all the prescribed details at and get email access permission but i’m unable to get email address.
I have used both type of methods that’s are shows here and here
Please help me


So you’ve updated your app permissions to enable access - what exact error are you seeing? Is this a mobile Fabric app, or a web app?