Get the number of accesses to a Hashtag over a period of time


Is there a way via the API to retrieve the number of accesses to a certain hashtag over a period of time, say the last 24 hours?
Thanks for the help.


If you mean clicks on a hashtag, then no, there’s no way to get that information. If you mean the number of times a hashtag was posted in the past 24 hours, then you could use the premium 30-day search API with the count endpoint to return that information.


Thanks for the response, yes I did mean click on a hashtag. I was attempting to figure out how many people actually view the posting to a hashtag, I guess there is no way to do that through the API.



If you had an individual Tweet and you were the poster of that Tweet, then the enterprise Engagement API could provide that data, but it would not aggregate all Tweets containing the hashtag across the platform.


Thanks for the response, I see how that could be done on a per tweet basis, where I am the poster however that’s not what I am attempting to do. I guess as you stated above there is no way to see how many click on a hashtag, thanks again.