Get the actual Tweet from TweetView


I cannot get text from tweetview using fabric. any solution??


Hey @mahabubzoraf,

To clarify what you’re asking for - you want just the text of a tweet from when it’s been selected within a TweetView?



yes , i want just the text @mike


Gotcha, thanks @mahabubzoraf! Currently that isn’t supported within Twitter Kit, but I’ll let the team know you’d like to see it added in. If you’re willing, can you share how you’re looking to use that text if it was available?



@mike, i find out the actual text from tweet view by getting all the view and check it weather it is a textview or not. if it is a text view , i use the getText() to get the text. i find the actual text from the 7th child view considering tweetView as a parent view. but still, i am in a hustle because i am not sure weather every tweet view will have the actual tweet text in 7th view


Gotcha, thanks for clarifying! Will share this internally.