GET statuses/user_timeline


I use my twitter user timeline (code up) but now i can’t. Its changed on new version of some OAuth.
I try to configure OAuth, and i get:

Signature base string
Authorization header
cURL command

But i dont know what to do whit this. Where to put? Its my web site, this code cant go in PHP.
What to do?


If you’re using PHP, I suggest checking out an OAuth library. In particular, tmhOAuth is written by a Twitter employee and works well:

He has an examples project which covers major use cases for the API:


This is too hard to configure.
I put token, nad sicret key, then i go to web
php verify_credentials.php

and nothing?


I try it but doesnt work. I dont know why its now so complicated.
Put all sicret token and keys in tmhOAuthExample.php, go to web and launch
php verify_credentials.php

and i got nothing?