GET statuses/user_timeline Limits


So guys, I´m trying to get the timeline of almost 60k users. That should be about 6 Millions tweets. The first time I set the code it was ok, but now is downloading the data very very slow. I´m using 8 users and 8 apps to get the dat from Twitter API. I´m using same ip and same connection to access the API. Any idea what´s the problem??? First it was working great, now it´s really slow


That’s a lot of requests. Can I ask the purpose of the app you’re building?

Please don’t do this, as you are liable to have your apps restricted. Per the developer policy, Section I.2.g:

Do not exceed or circumvent limitations on access, calls, sharing, privacy settings, or use permitted in this Policy, or as otherwise set forth on the Developer Site, or communicated to you by Twitter.