GET statuses/show/:id limited to 15?


Hi all,

Around 3am this morning (UK time) we started receiving lots of ‘Rate Limit Exceeded’ errors for a number of my client’s installations. Interestingly this didn’t happen across all installations.

The job that returned this error calls statuses/show/:id a maximum of 150 times per authenticated user account. This happens every couple of hours.

The rate limit table here:

Suggests a maximum of 180 per 15 minute window.

What appears to be happening is that it processes up to 15 for one account, and the 16th request for that account, plus all subsequent requests for any account also fail.

It’s been working for over a year with no problems, and there’s been no code changes to this for at least a couple of months so intrigued as to why it’s started happening.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,


Hi Kev, this looks related to [node:29584] - I will ask the team to investigate internally.


Thanks Andy.

That looks exactly like the issue. Thanks!

Any progress on this? At the moment we can only look back to the most recent 15 tweets which isn’t really enough.

Many thanks.

P.S. I found it difficult to navigate to this post as it’s marked as ‘Awaiting Moderation’. :slight_smile: