GET statuses/retweets/:id

it’s a post method,
but it is descripted as a get method in the documentation,
isn’t it?


statuses/retweets returns retweets already associated with a status, so you’re GETing the data. “retweets” in this case is plural noun.

POST statuses/retweet is the method for retweeting a given tweet. In this case “retweet” is a verb instead of a plural noun.


maybe there are some mistakes because of my poor english.
I mean that the api’s http method descrips in the following link:
when I test the api in my project with “get” http method,it returns error.
actually, the httphead needs a “post” method as parametre.
am i right?


i’m so sorry.
Maybe there are mistakes on the question above because of my poor english.
i mean that the http method parametre needed by the retweets API is “post”,not “get”.
when i test the API in my project with the http method parametre “get” as descriped in the API document, the http request returns error as follow:
"{“errors”:[{“code”:86,“message”:“This method requires a POST”}]}"
Actually, the retweets API needs “post” as http method parametre,
am i right?
if so, please update the API document.Thanks a lot.