GET statuses/retweeters/ids does not return cursor


I try to get more than 100 first retweets of my tweet. I use

I am confused. I get zero cursors. I have the following python code snippet:

o = TwitterOAuth.read_file(credentials)
api = TwitterAPI(o.consumer_key, o.consumer_secret, auth_type='oAuth2')

data = api.request('statuses/retweeters/ids', {'id': "370134917713494016"})

My result is:

{"ids":[id1, id2, id100],"next_cursor":0,"next_cursor_str":"0","previous_cursor":0,"previous_cursor_str":"0"}

Whu cursors are 0?


It seems that currently it is not possible to get more than 100 IDs. While there is a cursor or at least should be, it has no effect. Neither does the official apps are able to show more retweeters.
But you are right that this is very weird behaviour, maybe @andypiper can let us know if this ever will be fixed?