GET statuses/lookup Limitation




I would like to obtain information using many twitterID. The GET statuses/lookup document ( states that we can request up to 100 tweets and obtain 60 requests/15min window (user app). In other words, I can obtain up to 240 (=60*4) tweets per hour?



Yep, 240 requests per hour will retrieve 24,000 tweets per hour (if all 100 tweet IDs in every request still exist - deleted tweets are not returned).

You can also use your own account’s access token, which will give you 180 requests every 15 minutes - potentially retrieving another 72,000 tweets per hour.

Retweet_count and favorite count always zero

Thank you very much!

Would you mind explaining how to create my own account’s access token instead of using app?



Sure - on select one of your apps - and under the “keys and access tokens” you can “generate my access token” under “Your Access Token”

These don’t expire unless you reset them. Once you have your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access Token Secret, you’ll be able to hydrate tweets with 180 requests per 15 min.“Hydrate” in twarc implements this well: