Get Share Count for URL


I want to grab the number of shares for any given URL on my site (a blog post, a page, etc.). Using the old API, I can this:

This actually still works, even though it references API v1. If it will continue working, then that’s great and I’m good to go.

However, I’m coming up short finding a way to do this with 1.1. I see a lot of information about statuses, timelines, etc., but I’m not seeing anything related to this specifically.

I came across GET search/tweets, which I’m thinking I could pass the URL into as the search query, but when I create an OAuth signature, I have to enter the search query there. I’d need to be able to pull in the query (the URL) automatically for each post, then grab the number of times that it had been tweeted - and that’s if this would even be the correct method.

Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


don’t work D: