GET search/tweets SinceId and MaxId parameters issue



I have developed a solution to retrieve tweets using REST API 1.1 with GET search/tweets method. This has been working since two months ago successfully but from two week till now I’ve facing an issue. In the first call to method that I make don’t provide MaxId or SinceId parameters and get so many tweets as count parameter number (or less if there are no more). In the subsequent API calls in order to keep moving among indexed tweets stack, I am setting the MaxId and/or SinceId parameter in the url and always returns zero results.

Example (calls performed on 2013-02-26)
First call:
returns 100 statuses.
Second call:
returns 0 statuses

Another strange thing is that the first call return the NextResult property in the metadata, so the API is indicating that there are more results.

Anyone can help me?


I also get the same issue. I don’t know if it’s related, but I’m using tmhOAuth for authentication. Can anyone give us the solution or at least a lead of what is wrong ?


I’m having the same issue today


I’m having same issue. Any help to implement pagination using since_ID and max_Id is appreciated


did you get the response?


bump any ideas on this? I’m have a simliar issue. First call just uses count. Then second call I implement max_id and it doesn’t work. Still returns the same stack. Like the max_id doesn’t get taken into account


Hello. I have started writing code for the same. After the first call, how do we make the subsequent calls using the ids? I mean in the code am I supposed to use the next_results from the first result and if so how could I do this recursively or in a loop ?


Having now the same issue here :confused:


Its still not fixed… Is there a way around this bug?


i have the same problem too. the code i used worked till last week and now i can’t get tweets after the first page. The api returns and emtpy array result while telling me what the next maxId should be.
The confusing fact is that i can’t paginate for certain queries only (not all queries are affected) but i’m not able to tell whether there’s a pattern in it. I’m pretty sure the queries i make do have more than 100 tweets.

Moreover the apigee console tells me the search works correctly.
Has there been any change to the search/tweets apis?

Thank you


i am also getting the same problem. I am using spring framework social twitter.
I tried both ways either by providing since id or max id in the call, it is not giving expected results. And another thing,
From the twitter console , we find the below information
search_metadata": {
“completed_in”: 0.053,
“max_id”: 468338577915400200,
“max_id_str”: “468338577915400192”,
“next_results”: “?max_id=466530311330082815&q=SnapLogic&count=100&include_entities=1”,
“query”: “SnapLogic”,
“refresh_url”: “?since_id=468338577915400192&q=SnapLogic&include_entities=1”,
“count”: 100,
“since_id”: 0,
“since_id_str”: “0”
where as we are not getting the refresh_url or next_results from the search metadata from our call


I’m also having the same problem.

The only way around it that I found is to run the first query then wait 20 seconds before running the query containing the value of ‘next_results’ from the first query. It’s been working for me so far.

Hope this gets resolved soon!


thanks! That worked for me too using 10 second intervals


Same problem started appearing for me only a couple of days ago. The 20 seconds interval actually works, but this really doesn’t sound like a good solution. Did you find any other solution / insight about this problem?


Unfortunately, I’m well aware that this is just a stopgap solution, but until it’s officially resolved, this is the only thing that has worked for me. I didn’t really go into much detail; as soon as I found something that worked, I just stuck to it.

In my case I also started experiencing these problems after a while; at first everything seemed fine and it was only much later that I realised there was something wrong.

For now I just use the 20 seconds wait time, but I’m hoping that there’s an actual fix coming up soon.


Same issue, everything seemed fine till July 30. Twitter team - please resolve this soon. Also decreasing count parameter gives significant increase in total no. of tweets (something that didn’t happen earlier). The default count value of 15 (kind of bare minimum) doesn’t give anywhere close to all results (though better than higher count values) and obviously it tremendously slows down the things.


Same issue I am having exactly! Please update on what a possible fix is.