GET search/tweets return less results



the GET search/tweets return less results is that’s normal ? for exemple im searching about messi and it’s return 1000 tweets.

thank you.


What is the expectation here - can you provide any example that shows that the API is returning less than normal?


GET search/tweets normaly should return 7 days of older tweets, so im searching about messi, i think that search must return a lot of ones but i see just 1000 - 1500 tweets is that normal ?


What’s the oldest Tweet being returned in that result set? Remember that the Search API does not provide a complete index of all Tweets.


now it’s return 13000 tweets , it will be more if I did not reach the limit of application .
i have a two other questions .
the first one is about the ip address of tweet user , can i get it with the api? .

the second one is about user timezone when i trie to get country of the timezone specified in user description with php it’s give an error because we should respect the forme Country/timezone , is there any way without usign geo to get the user country directly .

thank you andy .


A user’s IP address is private information and is not available through the API or platform.

You’ll probably have to do something to normalize the timezone to the format required by your code. I don’t know whether @abraham or @jublonet (two PHP developers who are active on the forums) would have any better ideas on how you could do this.


thank you so much andy ^^


Hi Youssef, regarding parsing the timezone: Can you please post a sample of your code and any possible errors thrown by PHP, so we could take a closer look at what’s going on?


hi, are you expecting the same problem again? In this topic Search API returning less result than usual we are talking about that if you want to jump in.