Get search/tweet next_results is all ways the same Is this an error?


When I do a search for tweets the next_result is all ways the same.

so the next_result will equal ?max_id=307509114962079743&q=%23utpol%20until%3A2013-3-7&count=100&include_entities=1&result_type=mixed
and then when I do a search with max_id=307509114962079743
the next_result equals the same ?max_id=307509114962079743&q=%23utpol%20until%3A2013-3-7&count=100&include_entities=1&result_type=mixed

I have tried to use the max_id value as well.

Is there something wrong with the Get search/tweet api

and the dates are not in order like they used to be.


I’m experiencing the same problem, any solutions?


After further investigation I found, that it only happens with OAuth2 access_token.

When I’m trying your OAuth tool it’s working fine.

But when I use my script to query the API with OAuth2 access token (in headers), the next_results value is always the same.


To reproduce (if you have php, git installed)

git clone &&
cd twitter-api-consumer &&
mkdir bin &&
curl -sS | php – --install-dir=bin &&
./bin/composer.phar install --dev &&

if tests are passing, edit oauth2_test_script.php and add your consumer key and secret:

<?php $consumer_key = 'your api key'; $consumer_secret = 'your api secret'; then you can run the test script: php oauth2_test_script.php This script queries the API 5 times and displays the value for next_results


OK - forget it - it’s is the bug in my script. All good now.